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Tips For Designing An Effective Brochure

Design: A strong simple headline is essential. Your sales message needs to appear in the top 2-3” of the front panel. Be sure to include the days/hours of operation, a simple map with written directions, and a telephone number, toll-free if possible. Try to include a call to action (special offer/discount). If using photographs, make sure they are clear, current, and appealing.

Size: Discuss the size of your brochure with your designer. Vertical layout is essential. Information containing the city/state, subject and pertinent information, should be displayed “boldly” within the upper 3 or 4 inches of the brochure for “in rack” visibility. Brochures should be folded 4” x 9” for proper rack display.

Brochure Quantity:
Both you and your distributor should discuss the areas of service desired as well as the number of brochures that will be required.

Photography: Good photography is key to the success of any brochure. Photos in your final brochure will only be as good as the originals provided. Always be sure to secure the necessary usage rights to any image (the photographer may still hold the copyright).